10 Dead In Mass Shooting At Grocery Store


Witnesses describe horrors of a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that killed ten people and authorities say was racially motivated – CNN

An 18-year-old wearing military gear opened fire with a rifle at a supermarket in Buffalo, killing ten people and wounding three others in a rampage he started to broadcast live on the streaming platform Twitch. The site quickly blocked his feed and alerted local authorities.

Payton Gendron of Conklin, New York, was identified as the suspected gunman in Saturday’s attack on Tops Friendly Market.

The gunman shot four people outside a store, three fatally. A retired police officer fired multiple shots at the gunman, who then killed him and stalked through the store, shooting other victims.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said this is the worst nightmare that any community can face.

A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that investigators were looking into whether the attacker had posted a manifesto online. The document purports to outline his racist beliefs.

“The shooting was a hate crime committed by someone outside the community.” – Mayor Brown had said.

Witnesses said Gendron had the gun to his chin when they pulled into the parking lot. He dropped to his knees and was tackled by the police.

President Biden and the first lady were praying for the victims and their families after the shooting. Biden also said “A racially motivated hate crime is abhorrent to the very fabric of this nation. It is not what we stand for as Americans.”

Tops Friendly Markets released a statement saying they are shocked and deeply saddened by the shooting. The NAACP called the attack “absolutely devastating” and called on the White House to convene a meeting to combat hate crimes.

Erica Pugh-Mathews was waiting outside the store, behind police tape, to learn if her aunt, her mother’s sister, was OK.

“We would like to know the status of my aunt, my mother’s sister. She was in there with her fiancé; they separated and went to different aisles,” she said. “A bullet barely missed him. He was able to hide in a freezer, but he could not get to my aunt and did not know where she was. We would like word either way if she’s OK.”

This week has been especially deadly with mass shootings taking place in Milwaukee. Where twenty-one were  shot in two incidents after a basketball game. In Dallas where eight were shot in an attack that also is being investigated as a hate crime.

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