100,000 “Outdated” Names to Be Removed From Voter Rolls


(AbsoluteNews.com) – Earlier this year, Georgia passed an election security law to ensure the residents of the state could trust the outcomes of future elections. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s (R) office recently announced he also wants to clean up the voter rolls before the next election.

In a press release, Raffensperger’s office stated “101,789 obsolete and outdated voter files” will be taken off. Additionally, 18,486 people who died will have their names removed. The secretary said making sure the state’s records are current is “key to ensuring the integrity” of elections. He pointed out that’s why he beat Stacy Abrams in court in 2019, when they were last cleaned. Raffensperger said he’ll do it again because there’s “no legitimate reason” to keep those voters on the rolls.

More than 67,000 of those whose names will be removed submitted National Change of Address forms with the US Postal Service. Another 300 have not voted in the last two elections and 34,000+ had election mail returned to the sender.

Purging the voter rolls of ineligible voters ensures fraudsters can’t take advantage of the system to vote in someone else’s name. It’s a necessary step to make sure the voting rolls are healthy.

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