12-Year-Old Taken Off Life Support By Doctors Against Family’s Wishes

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12-Year-Old Archie Battersbee Dies After Being Removed From Life Support – The Daily Beast

A 12-year-old boy who had been in a coma for four months died Saturday after doctors ended the life-sustaining treatment they had fought to continue. His family had fought to extend treatment and move him to a hospice, but the courts rejected both requests.

The legal battle between parents and doctors over a child’s medical care is the latest in a series of public cases.

Archie was found unconscious at home with a ligature over his head on April 7. His family objected to the hospital’s decision to end his life-sustaining treatments, but a High Court judge ruled that he should remain in the hospital while treatment was withdrawn.

The U.K. Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights refused to take up the case, but Archie’s family said his death was anything but peaceful.

The hospital expressed its condolences and thanked the doctors and nurses who had looked after Archie over several months in often trying and distressing circumstances.

Legal experts say that cases like Archie’s are rare, but the 2017 legal battle over Charlie Gard, an infant with a rare genetic disorder, showed that courts can intervene when parents and doctors disagree.

Ilora Finlay, a professor of palliative medicine at Cardiff University, said that parents often want to deny that their child has suffered a catastrophic brain injury. She hopes that the Conservative government will hold an independent inquiry into different ways of handling these cases.

Supporters made a tribute outside the hospital with candles in the shape of the letter A. One family member said watching Battersbee die was “barbaric”.

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