160 Lawmakers Vow to Leave Negotiations With Iran Unless Conditions Are Met

(AbsoluteNews.com) – One of President Joe Biden’s key foreign policy initiatives is to reenter a deal with Iran. The administration has negotiated with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism despite its continued hostility toward both Americans and its allies. A large group of US lawmakers is now making demands or threatening to leave the negotiations.

On February 16, more than 160 House Republicans sent a letter to Biden about his negotiations with Iran. Specifically, the lawmakers are troubled by reports indicating the Iranian government is demanding the US promise it will never impose economic sanctions on the nation again. The concerned congressmen told the POTUS point-blank he doesn’t have the power to make such a concession.

The conservative lawmakers also warned they will not only oppose but reverse any agreement Biden makes with Iran unless it meets a certain set of parameters. They’re especially concerned about the Democrat circumventing Congress to enter into a treaty with Iran without their approval like former President Barack Obama did. The letter also makes it quite clear they won’t support trying to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from a list of foreign terrorist organizations.

President Biden has not responded to the list of demands.

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