18-Year-Old Committed Rape, Robbery, And Torture In Set-up Of College Student

Following the alleged rape, robbery, and torture of a college student in south Alabama, an 18-year-old is behind bars on shocking charges.

According to WALA in Mobile, Elijah Persons knew the woman he is accused of attacking and planned to meet her in Semmes, about 15 miles northwest of Mobile, on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The woman, who was waiting in her car, was raped at gunpoint by a masked man in a hoodie and a bandana.

A local news outlet alleged there were “other parts of this crime that are unspeakable,” which led to Persons being charged with sexual torture.

During the preliminary investigation, deputies developed Persons as a “person of interest” after the victim called the sheriff’s office to report what happened.

Upon questioning, confiscating and analyzing Person’s phone, authorities quickly identified him as the case’s only suspect.

Persons was to be arrested at his workplace on Friday by deputies. When they arrived, he fled and was chased for a short time before being apprehended.

Among the charges against Persons are sodomy, rape, robbery, sexual abuse, and eluding police.

MCSO Lt. Mark Bailey described these charges as extremely serious, especially because they are sexual in nature. “We will ask for the highest bond amount possible – the D.A.’s Office is the ultimate entity that will request a bond amount.”

Due to Persons’ decision to flee investigators on Friday, the judge will also be informed that he is a “flight risk.”

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