2 Bodies Found In Burned Vehicle That Got Scorched By California Wildfire


Two bodies found in burned vehicle in path of raging California wildfire – The Guardian US

Two people were found dead in their vehicle in the path of the McKinney fire, a large wildfire raging across northern California. Their car was completely burned due to the high heat and unpredictable fires spreading across the area. The car they were found in was still in the driveway of the home they were evacuating.

The fire was 0% contained by Monday morning, and thousands of people had been told to evacuate.

The fire raged for two days, scorching trees and a pickup truck, and covering the area in thick smoke. The McKinney Fire threatened homes and businesses in California, and the governor declared a state of emergency.

The McKinney Fire in northern California is battling its worst wildfire this year with more than 51,000 acres burned and evacuations mounting. A second, smaller fire was sparked by dry lightning Saturday and threatened the tiny town of Seiad. A third fire prompted evacuation orders for around 500 homes Sunday.

Fires were raging in Montana and Idaho, and flash flood warnings were issued for counties in California and Nevada. In the Pacific north-west, a punishing heatwave set records in Seattle and Portland.

The White House announced a $1b investment in climate resilience to protect communities, infrastructure and the economy.

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