2 Times Biden Has Gone Off Script and Paid for It

X Times Biden Has Gone Off Script and Paid for It

(AbsoluteNews.com) – President Joe Biden has spent more than 40 years in politics. His time as a public official has been marked by multiple gaffes. It seems nothing has changed almost a year into his presidency.

Here are two times the president has gone off script and left the White House scrambling to clean up his mess:

1. Taiwan Mistake

In October, during a CNN town hall event, Biden said the US is committed to defending Taiwan if China attacks the island. The president’s comment signaled a shift in military policy – except there hadn’t actually been a shift.

America has long supported Taiwan with military aid but had a “strategic ambiguity” policy when it came to intervention between the island and the Chinese. When the press began asking the White House about the president’s remarks, a spokesperson clarified Biden’s comments, saying America’s policy had not changed.

2. Facebook Is Killing People

In July, President Biden was boarding Marine One to head off to Camp David for a weekend when he went off-script. He told reporters Facebook was killing people by allowing misinformation about vaccines on its platform.

The comments prompted an angry response from Facebook and forced the POTUS to walk back more remarks.

There are many more examples of the president’s problem with thinking before he speaks. Will it ever end?

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