20 Year Old Rising Star Killed By Stray Bullet In Democrat Controlled Chicago

(AbsoluteNews.com) – While much of America was celebrating the 4th of July weekend, many families in Chicago were mourning. It was one of the bloodiest few days this year. And one of the lives lost was a 20-year-old rising star.

According to the Chicago Police, at least 100 people were shot over Independence Day weekend, including 11 kids. Of those shot, 18 died from their wounds. One of the people who lost their lives was Max Lewis. The day before the holiday weekend kicked off, the University of Chicago junior was seated on the CTA Green Line train on his way home from an internship at a downtown investment firm when a stray bullet entered his neck, paralyzing him.

A few days later, on July 4th, Dr. Rebecca Rivkin, Max’s mom, said he was alert and communicating to his family by blinking his eyes. He spelled out a message to his loved ones that said: “If I have to live like this, pull the plug, please. Seriously.” His family honored his wishes and discontinued life support.

Police say that Max was not the intended target. He lost his life tragically in a Democratically-run city plagued by violence. How many more must lose their lives before someone in Chicago takes action?

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