Two Officers Killed In Separate Shootings

A 24-year-old Fulton County Sheriff’s Office deputy was found dead from a single gunshot in a car crash in northwest Atlanta on Thursday morning.

The deputy’s identity has not been made public since his family has not yet been notified. But his body had been assigned to Grady Memorial Hospital’s detention unit.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat said the deputy had been with the sheriff’s office for less than a year as a member of the Grady Detention Unit. He described the young deputy from Mississippi as “the life of the party.”

Labat also said the deceased was an “outstanding young man,” and the department personally hired him from another law enforcement agency south of Atlanta for “his energy and his love” that he brought to the table.

The incident

Officers responded to a shooting shortly after 4:30 a.m. According to the sheriff, the deputy worked a shift the night before. However, he was not on duty when he was shot inside his gray Ford Fusion.

Atlanta police investigator Peter Malecki said that there was an individual who came forward and was “cooperating with police,” but there is “no evidence” to suggest that person was involved in the actual shooting.

Malecki said another driver observed the deputy’s vehicle driving strangely in the middle of the road, and the person believes they heard gunfire as they passed the deputies vehicle.

Since the deputy’s car was the only vehicle found at the scene, police think someone crashed into the deputy’s vehicle at the intersection of Bolton Road and Peyton Road.

However, it remains unclear whether the shooting occurred before or after the collision.

Malecki said, “We don’t know if the shooter was a pedestrian or if he was in a vehicle.”

Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta has increased the reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the death of the Fulton deputy from $2,000 to $10,000.

Similar case in California

The Fulton deputy is not the only officer dead by gunshot on the road this week. Isaiah Cordero, a deputy from Riverside County, was shot during an attempted traffic stop in Jurupa Valley, California, on Thursday afternoon.

The police said the shooting happened when Deputy Cordero attempted to pull over a suspect on a traffic violation in Rubidoux on the 3900 block of Goldenwest Avenue around 2 p.m.

The suspect started shooting as soon as Cordero got close to the car, injuring the deputy before speeding away.

A nearby witness called 911 and tried to help the injured deputy until assistance arrived. He was taken to a local emergency facility, but his injuries were fatal, and he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The shooter, identified as William Shae McKay, was killed after a chase through Riverside County ended with shots fired on the 15 Freeway.

According to Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, the shooter has more than 20 years of criminal arrests and convictions.

Sheriff Bianco said McKay should have been imprisoned for more than 25 years for his most recent offense in 2021, but the judge reduced his bail, allowing him to walk the streets.

According to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, McKay was prosecuted last year and received a third offense conviction on a case in November 2021.

While McKay awaited sentencing, the judge reduced his bail from the DA’s initial request of no bail to $500,000. After posting bail in March 2022, he was granted a second continuance on his sentence in July 2022.

Without naming the judge, Bianco said, “We would not be here today if the judge had done her job.”

The Sheriff said that the police department is “deeply heartbroken” over the death of Deputy Cordero. According to Bianco, the 32-year-old Cordero enrolled in the Academy in February 2018 and graduated as a sworn deputy sheriff.

He had just finished Motor School and had been working as a motorcycle deputy, a highly sought-after position on the force, for approximately three months when he was shot and killed.