3 Things Trump Has Done to Protect Our Rights

3 Things Trump Has Done to Protect Our Rights

(AbsoluteNews.com) – President Donald Trump has spent his time in office doing everything he can to make America great again. For the most part, his policies have been wildly successful and although many were focused on the economy, job creation wasn’t his only priority. The president also implemented policies to protect the rights of the American people.

Here are three ways he helped secure individual rights:

  1. Trump protected the Second Amendment rights of Americans by rolling back former President Barack Obama’s policies, like the one that made it harder for people who received Social Security disability for mental health issues to buy guns. The move would have added thousands of names to a government database.
  2. The president issued protections for young men and women who were accused of sexual assault on college campuses to prevent false rape allegations from ruining lives.
  3. Trump has appointed more than 220 federal judges to the bench who believe in protecting individual liberties as defined by the Constitution’s original text.

As for the third point above, earlier this year Fox News broke down President Trump’s impact on the court (before Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation):

America will feel the president’s legacy for decades to come.

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