Five Different Homicides Connected To One Serial Killer

What we’re learning about the five victims of Stockton serial killings – KCRA Sacramento

Five people were killed in a string of recent homicides in Stockton this summer that the police chief confirmed are interconnected.

Paul Alexander Yaw, 35, was shot just after midnight on July 8 at a park in the 5600 block of Kermit Lane, police said. One neighbor told KCRA 3 that she heard the gunshots.

Salvador William Dubedy Jr. was shot in a parking lot on Aug. 11, family confirmed to KCRA 3. He died at the scene, five minutes away from the first homicide. Dubedy’s wife is upset that Stockton police haven’t reached out to her family to give them information about the possible connection between all homicides.

Lorenzo Lopez was shot on Sept. 27, family confirmed to news outlets. A shrine has been set up at the scene by grieving family members, who are hopeful that the Stockton Police Department’s announcement that it’s offering reward money will make a difference.

The Stockton Police Department is offering reward money and looking for a person of interest in connection to the murder of Lorenzo Lopez and other people believed to be part of the serial murder spree.

Stockton police chief Stanley McFadden said that the incidents are occurring in the hours of darkness. Although the victims of these homicides were primarily hispanic, there is no current indication that these killings are hate crimes.

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