5 Things Trump Has Done to Improve the Courts

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Decades from now, after President Donald Trump has likely passed away, America will still feel his presence. That’s because of his work to transform the federal courts.

Here are a few ways the president transformed the courts:

  1. He put three Supreme Court justices on the bench securing a 6-3 Conservative majority.
  2. Trump’s federal court nominees have been young, ensuring they’ll be on the bench for decades to come.
  3. The president made sure his picks were staunch Conservatives who believed in interpreting the Constitution according to the original meaning of the words.
  4. As of December 1, Trump had more than 220 Article III judges confirmed to the federal bench: 3 SCOTUS justices, 170 judges in district courts, 3 for the US Court of International Trade, and 53 judges for appeals courts.
  5. The president has also had over 20 justices on Article I courts confirmed. Article 1 courts include the US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims, the US Appeals for the Armed Forces, and others.

In 2019, before Amy Coney Barrett joined the Supreme Court, CBS News’ Jan Crawford called the transformation of the courts the president’s “most lasting legacy.”

Long after President Trump is gone, millions of Americans will still feel the mark he left on the country he loves so much.

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