53 Migrants Dead After Crash As Border Crisis Spirals

53 Migrants Dead After Crash As Border Crisis Spirals

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Many people who don’t like where they live look to the United States as a place they would like to call home. Unfortunately, the road to residency is long, and some resort to desperate measures to cross the border, sometimes paying with their lives. On December 10, a trailer containing over 100 migrant workers escaping Guatemala and Honduras crashed into a pedestrian bridge in southern Mexico, killing at least 55 occupants.

Allegedly, the group was on its way to the US border when the accident occurred, crushing many of the workers inside.

Since the Mexican government is cooperating with the United States and helping to prevent walking migrants from crossing the border into America, those who want to avoid capture are stuffing themselves into vehicles in an attempt to avoid detection. Unfortunately, traveling in large packs inside transports is a dangerous venture across Mexico, evidenced by the most recent tragedy.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for President Joe Biden to discourage the migration in an effort to stop people from traveling in this manner. However, the US president tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with addressing issues at the border with little progress on the matter.

Until the US and Mexico work together to control the immigration issue, it’s likely the deadly crash in southern Mexico will not be the last of its kind.

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