Shots fired at MLK Day family event, injuring 8 people

Police in Florida reported that eight people were wounded by gunfire on Monday at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event. One of the victims is reported to be in a critical state.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that all individuals involved in the shooting that occurred in the early evening in Fort Pierce were adults.

At approximately 5:20 p.m. on Monday, a shooting took place at Ilous Ellis Park while a MLK Car Show and Family Fun Day was occurring. This event was attended by an estimated one thousand people, as reported by WPBF-TV.

It appears that there was a disagreement between two parties which led to a shooting, according to St. Lucie County Chief Deputy Brian Hester. Unfortunately, guns were used to try to resolve the situation and multiple people were shot as a result.

Police said four people, including a child, sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the ensuing confusion, the station reported.

The police reported that four people, including a child, sustained injuries that were not life-threatening during the resulting chaos. Since the area was so densely packed, it was dangerous to be in the middle of the fleeing crowds.

The sheriff’s office reported that two deputies who were present at the incident acted quickly to help those affected by the shooting.

A video obtained by a news station depicted individuals quickly taking cover, running away, and sheltering behind vehicles, including a female carrying an infant while escaping to safety.