73-Year-Old Mauled in Strange Encounter

(AbsoluteNews.com) – There’s no denying beavers are adorable. Those weird-looking tails and their protruding buck teeth are endearing. Unfortunately for one man, his encounter with one of the animals was not cute or fun.

Mark “Pres” Pieraccini, 73, went for a swim in a Greenfield, Massachusetts pond when he encountered a beaver. The 50-pound animal suddenly attacked him. He suffered multiple puncture wounds to his body, scratches, torn skin and tendons, lacerations on his body and injuries to his scalp. The victim told The Republican he tried to fight back in the water but he was having a hard time. Eventually, Pres decided to flee the scene by swimming to shore with the beaver nipping at his heels all the way.

Pieraccini made it to shore, got on his bike and pedaled a mile and a half to his car, and then drove himself to the hospital. Doctors said his injuries were “astounding and very serious.” They were surprised he made it to the hospital.

Not only did he suffer horrific injuries, but the beaver was rabid. Pieraccini is now being treated for rabies. When park rangers asked him to report where the incident happened so that they could capture the beaver, he refused. He didn’t want authorities to kill the animal.

According to experts, beavers almost never attack. Generally, when they do, it’s because they are rabid. Pieraccini is expected to recover from his injuries.

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