A 20-year Old New Jersey Man Gets 150-Year Sentence For Grisly Murders Of His Family Members

NJ man Scott Kologi sentenced to 150 years for killing 4 family members in 2017 – New York Post

Scott Kologi, 20, was sentenced to 150 years in prison for shooting four family members in a New Year’s Eve massacre in 2017.

Kologi shot and killed his mother, father, sister, and a companion of his grandfather in their Long Branch house on December 31, 2017, prosecutors said. Kologi carried out his attack using a high-powered weapon.

His brother and grandfather escaped the house, but they will still have to deal with the mental scars of what they saw.

Scott Kologi’s attorney argued that he should not be sent to state prison with cold-blooded killers. Stating that the man was (when he was 16) and still is mentally ill.

“These were acts of evil, carried out by someone who knew exactly what he was doing,” Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Sean Brennan said during the hearing, according to a press release the office issued Thursday. “He killed them because he could. He killed them because he wanted to.”

The shocking interview of police hearing Scott describe killing his family. As his brother has to listen as his guardian.

The Judge presiding over the case, Judge Marc LeMieux, said the quadruple murder caused “immeasurable harm.” “This court intends that this defendant never see the light of the outside of a jail cell ever again,’’ LeMieux said during the hearing, according to the Asbury Park Press. “I hope one day, you realize the magnitude of what you’ve done here.”

On the night of the murders, Kologi baited his mother up to his room which he had blacked out and shot her. When his father ran up to see what had happened, Scott shot his father multiple times.

Then just like he was playing a video game casually went about killing his 18-year-old sister Brittany. Along with his grandfathers companion who was considered ‘grandma’ by the family.

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