A 21-Year-Old Has Been Charged With Murdering His Parents, Sister, and Niece

Richard Wilson

A 21-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing multiple family members. The family members were “slaughtered” at the hands of the suspect.

Deputies were called to a residential area north of Bel Air and McCartney Roads, just outside of Casa Grande, Arizona, after a frantic 911 call. They discovered that four people had been killed, and the suspect, Richard Wilson, was still on the scene when deputies arrived.

“The victims are identified as 47-year-old Richard Wilson, the suspect’s father, 50 -year-old Ellen Otterman, the suspect’s mother, 16-year-old Rudy Wilson, the suspect’s sister, and 5-year-old Renaya White, the suspect’s niece,” read a portion of the statement.

Chief Deputy Thomas said Rudy Wilson was the person who made the 911 call before her death. He also said this is one of the worst scenes that deputies in Pinal County have ever been called to.

“You always have these calls that haunt you throughout your career,” said Chief Deputy Thomas. “There’s those one or two, and I can tell you that everybody involved in this call, this will be one of the ones that stick with them because it’s absolutely horrific, especially when it involves children.”

People living in the area say the suspect was a friendly kid, and they have no clue why he would have done this.

“I knew him as ‘Sonny,’” said Wanda Hamilton, who lives in the area. “I never heard them arguing or anything like that. As far as I knew, they all got along really well.”

The extended Wilson family lived in two homes in the area, with just one house separating them.

Neighbors in disbelief said it will be hard because they were used to hearing the little girl laughing and playing, and it will be hard not to hear that.

Richard Wilson Jr. is being held on a 2.5 million dollar bond. He is being accused of four counts of 1st-degree murder.

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