A Baby Was Taken By A Cult After Her Parents Were Murdered.

Holly Clouse, who went missing as a baby, was found over 40 years after her parents were murdered in Texas – CBS News.

A baby went missing 42-years ago, in 1980, when her parents were found murdered, and no one has ever solved the mystery until now.

A Texas cold case unit used DNA evidence to identify her biological parents, found Holly, and discovered that a religious cult took her. The cult reportedly wore only white robes, kept men and women separate, and ate only Vegan food.

Outside of these creepy details, the woman said she was raised in Arizona and had a normal upbringing.

It is unclear at this time who was in the cult and whether they had been involved in the murder of Holly’s parents. Or if they simply became in care of her until they dropped her off at a church in Arizona.

The Grandmother of Holly, who assumed the worst, was relived to find out that her grand daughter was alive and had not been subjected to some form of human trafficking.

They have plans to reunite later this month.

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