Accused Anti-Trump Shooter to Plead Self-Defense

( – On October 10, Matthew Dolloff allegedly shot Lee Keltner to death at the Patriot Rally in Denver, CO. The suspect’s attorney is now claiming he was just protecting himself.

An altercation between Dolloff and Keltner led to the shooting. A video of the incident shows the victim fall to the ground after spraying something. It’s not clear whether he sprayed the can in his hand before Dolloff allegedly fired the fatal shot.

Dolloff’s attorney, Doug Richards, told the Denver Post that his client feared for his safety. He said he was working as a security guard for the local news station. However, police say the alleged suspect was not licensed to carry out such work.

Dolloff’s social media history shows he held many far-Left opinions. Did he go to the Patriot Rally hoping to hurt a Conservative? The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and so far, the police have not charged the suspected shooter with a crime. The Denver shooting marked the second time a Conservative was allegedly murdered by a Leftist while attending a protest this year.

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