Afghani Muslim Arrested And Charged With Killing Other Muslim Men In New Mexico

A 51-year-old Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan, Muhammad Syed, was arrested in connection with the killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The killings may have been rooted in a personal grudge, possibly with intra-Muslim sectarian overtones.

Investigators are still piecing together motives for the killings of four men, including a possible sectarian animus. They credited scores of tips from the public with helping them locate a car used in at least one of the killings.

The latest victim was killed on Friday, hours after attending the burial of the two men slain in July and August. All three men were shot near Central Avenue in southeastern Albuquerque.

Police said Syed’s car was used in two killings and that the gun used in those shootings was later found in his home.

The ambush-style shootings of the men have terrified Albuquerque’s Muslim community. Families went into hiding in their homes, and some Pakistani students at the University of New Mexico left town out of fear.

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