Man confesses to being a serial killer

KIGALI, RWANDA – A Rwandan man has confessed to the horrific crimes of murder, rape, and robbery, with his victims numbering at least 14. Denis Kazungu, aged 34, made his chilling confession in a court hearing on Thursday. The majority of his victims were women, and 12 of their bodies were discovered at his residence. The whereabouts of the remaining two victims are still unknown.

Kazungu’s demeanor during the court proceedings was notably devoid of emotion. The charges he confessed to included murder, rape, and robbery. His confession was made at the Kicukiro Court in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. Despite the gravity of his crimes, Kazungu managed a smile as he was led into the courtroom by police.

The police investigation into Kazungu’s crimes led to the discovery of 12 bodies at his home. Kazungu himself claimed responsibility for the deaths of two additional victims, although their bodies have yet to be found. The victims identified so far include 11 women and one man. The gender of the other two victims Kazungu claims to have killed remains unknown.

Kazungu was unrepresented by legal counsel during the hearing. He is scheduled to make another court appearance on Tuesday. According to police, Kazungu would lure his victims from bars to his home in a Kigali suburb.

The identities of the victims have not been officially released. However, a woman has come forward in local media claiming to have narrowly escaped Kazungu’s clutches. Authorities have also revealed that Kazungu used various aliases in an attempt to hide his true identity. The gruesome discovery of the bodies at his home was made after Kazungu’s landlord sought help from authorities due to unpaid rent.