Airline CEOs Shock With Claim About Masks on Planes

Airline CEOs Shock With Claim About Masks On Planes

( – On December 15, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly spoke to the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing. He told them masks “don’t add much, if anything” to keep passengers safe during air travel. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker agreed. He said the high-quality HEPA filters combined with the airflow in airplane cabins make aircrafts the “safest place you can be.” After the hearing, American Airlines walked back Parker’s comment by stating the CEO merely agreed to the safety of airplanes cabins, not lifting mask requirements.

Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian chimed in to say he believes wearing masks on planes is a good thing. He thinks they’ll be necessary indefinitely, pointing to the current spread rate of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and other House Democrats believe airlines should go a step further to require vaccination for all air travel. He tweeted doing so would instantly increase vaccination rates across America.

Regardless of whether airline companies believe masks provide an additional layer of protection for passengers or not, the US Department of Transportation still requires air travelers to wear them on planes. As the pandemic continues, that stance is unlikely to change regardless of air travel safety statistics.

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