Airport Under Hazmat Investigation After Gas Leak Injures 4 People


Los Angeles firefighters investigated a possible carbon dioxide leak at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday morning after a reported hazmat incident at Terminal 8.

At least four people were sickened by a possible carbon dioxide exposure at Los Angeles International Airport, including one person in “grave condition,” officials said. The four people affected by the leak were independent contractors inside the room, and one of them went into cardiac arrest. The man was given CPR right away by airport police.

The hazardous gas was released in a utility room at the airport. Due to the gas leak, three men and one woman became ill. One of the men at the airport is in his 50s, and he is now in critical condition due to his exposure. However, his life was likely saved by LAFD firefighters that responded to the hazard.

There was a huge media presence at the scene, and they were trying to receive additional updates.

As this investigation continues into exactly what went wrong, United Airlines is rerouting flights to other terminals. The firefighters advised passengers to contact their airline for specific flight information due to those logistical changes in the terminals.

Although 100 people had to leave Terminal 8, no passengers or travelers were medically affected by the release. Fortunately, some passengers were even able to resume their travel route without any interruption or reconfiguration.

The utility room was equipped with a carbon dioxide fire suppression system, which helps to put out a potential fire without damaging vital equipment stored inside. Though the investigation is still ongoing, the fire suppression system likely contributed to the unfortunate incident. The system in the room needed to be reset before operations could return to normal so as to prevent any further incidents. 
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