Alabama Has Banned the Use of COVID Passports

Alabama Has Banned the Use of COVID Passports

( – As more Americans become vaccinated and others decide that they aren’t going to receive the shots, discussions about vaccine passports have been coming up. These are apps or cards of some sort that people would have to show to prove they were vaccinated before entering a venue. Several states, including Florida, have already banned the passports and Alabama just became the latest to follow suit.

On May 24, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed SB267 into law. The legislation prevents both private businesses and public entities from demanding documentation from people to prove they received the vaccinations. In a statement to the press, Ivey said she’s supportive of voluntary vaccines but would not mandate them in her state. She believes the new law will “further [solidify] that conviction.”

Ivey and other governors who have outlawed vaccine passports are standing up for the rights of their residents. No person should ever have to undergo a forced medical treatment in order to enter concerts, sports games, or other events. Americans have freedom of choice and they should be able to exercise that.

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