Alec Baldwin Admits It’s “Strange” Coming Back to Work After Killing Woman

( – In October, Alec Baldwin shot and killed a colleague on the set of “Rust.” Three and a half months later, he’s back at work and describing it as “strange.”

On Monday, February 7, Baldwin revealed he’s working on a new project in the UK. He began filming “97 Minutes” this week and made an Instagram video to discuss what it was like to be working on a set again. Baldwin said, “It’s strange to go back to work,” in the wake of the “accidental death of [Rust’s] cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.” Journalist Emily Miller shared the video online and pointed out it seems weird the actor was discussing the shooting as though he wasn’t involved in it.

Baldwin shot Hutchins while rehearsing a scene. Director Joel Souza was also injured in the shooting. In the days after the deadly accident, witnesses revealed the assistant director, David Halls, told the actor it was a “cold gun.” Although other professional actors double-check to be sure there aren’t any live bullets in the guns they use, Baldwin didn’t do it. Authorities are still investigating the shooting. Meanwhile, Baldwin is facing multiple lawsuits over his role in what happened.

How do you feel about Baldwin’s remarks?

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