American Cities Rocked By Violent Riots…AGAIN

( – For two months, cities across the country have been gripped by violence. President Donald Trump is trying to put a stop to it, but he can’t do it alone. This past weekend’s chaos demonstrated just how Liberals leaders are failing epically.

In the wee hours of July 25, agents were forced to tear gas Portland, Oregon, rioters after they breached a fence at a federal courthouse. The criminals then threw fireworks and other projectiles at law enforcement.

In Austin, Texas, a male protester approached a motorist who turned down a street blocked by troublemakers and the driver shot him. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. According to Click2Houston, original accounts indicated the deceased may have been carrying a rifle when he walked up to the car.

In Seattle, Washington, rioters threw an explosive device at a police precinct on July 24, according to Police Chief Carmen Best.

Additionally, 21 officers were hit by explosives, bricks and rocks.

Leaders in these cities have been sitting by and watching all of this unfold. Many of them are attacking President Trump as he fights to restore civility and peace. When are they going to take responsibility and step in to help? This cannot continue.

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