Amid Sinking Numbers, White House Tries to Rebrand Biden

Amid Sinking Numbers, White House Tries to Rebrand Biden

( – A Quinnipiac poll from mid-January showed a mere 33% of Americans approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing in the Oval Office. In 2022, the White House appears to have upgraded its strategy to rebrand the president to try to gain support. Instead of publicly negotiating with Congress, senior administration officials stated Biden wants to spend more time talking directly to the American people. Some believe US citizens are seeing the leader act like he’s still a member of the Senate, and officials want to reshape the perception.

According to Fox News, those watching Biden during his press conference on January 19 will be looking at Biden 2.0. Instead of presenting as though he’s out of touch with everyday Americans, the White House will attempt to highlight the president’s strong points and directly address the problems facing citizens today. He’s likely to stop talking about frustrations with stalled legislation and address the daily needs of families living and struggling in the US.

Strategists might find it challenging to determine how to help Biden better connect with the people due to COVID-19 and other limitations. Still, they believe a communication upgrade (to Biden 2.0) is worth the effort. The question is: Will it change America’s views about Biden or has the United States already made up its mind about the current leadership?

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