An 11-year-old boy shoots his football teammates in dispute over a bag of chips

APOPKA, FL – A shocking incident unfolded in Florida when an 11-year-old boy allegedly shot two of his fellow youth football players after a practice session. The dispute, reportedly over a bag of chips, escalated to a level that has left the community in shock and disbelief.

The young boy, whose identity has been withheld due to his age, is facing charges of attempted second-degree murder, according to Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley. The incident occurred when the boy retrieved a firearm from an unlocked box in his mother’s vehicle and fired at a teammate, hitting him in the back. The bullet is believed to have then hit another 13-year-old boy in the arm. Both victims were rushed to the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery.

The alleged juvenile shooter was taken into police custody at the scene. Surveillance footage that was taken from a nearby building shows the boy being pursued by one of the victims before he reaches into a vehicle, retrieves a firearm, and fires a shot. The incident caused panic among a small crowd in the vicinity, who quickly dispersed.

The police chief expressed deep concern over the incident, highlighting the disturbing trend of young individuals resorting to firearms as a solution to their problems. He emphasized that such actions only exacerbate the situation for all parties involved.

The legal implications of the incident are yet to be determined. The police chief stated that it would be up to the courts to decide whether to separate the charges. He also noted the gravity of the situation, given that the accused is an 11-year-old with no prior criminal record. It remains unclear whether the boy’s mother will face charges, despite the firearm being legally owned.

In response to the incident, Mid-Florida Pop Warner expressed their distress and concern over the incident. The organization is working closely with law enforcement, the Apopka Blue Darters association, and the national office of Pop Warner to understand the circumstances surrounding the shooting and to ensure the safety and well-being of all their team members.