Analysis: Chances of Nuclear Fallout Increase to 10% for This Year Alone

Analysis: Chances of Nuclear Fallout Increase to 10% for This Year Alone

( – The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has a lot of people concerned about the possibility of nuclear war. Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the neighboring country and repeatedly threatened Western nations against doing anything to stop the war. He even put his country’s nuclear forces on high alert. BCA Research, an investment trends forecaster, is now saying the world is right to worry.

On March 4, Peter Berezin, the firm’s chief global strategist, released a research note titled “Rising Risk Of A Nuclear Apocalypse,” warning there’s a 10% chance a nuclear war will end civilization within the next 12 months. The note states the risk has risen because Putin has committed to succeeding in Ukraine no matter what it costs.

According to Berezin, even if Putin succeeds, the cost of maintaining an occupation in Ukraine will drain his country’s resources. Keep in mind, the nation’s economy is already being crippled by international sanctions. Berezin warned Putin might realize he “has no future” and decide he doesn’t want anyone else to have one either. He also warns that even if a global war is averted, the markets might panic and cause major worldwide economic issues.

In other words, the damage Putin is inflicting isn’t just on Ukraine, it’s on the entire world. And it seems there’s little anyone can do to stop it.

Do you agree with Berezin’s predictions?

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