Andrew Cuomo Will Not Face Charges

Andrew Cuomo Will Not Face Charges

( – In August, former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) resigned from his position following sexual harassment allegations. After reviewing the case, Westchester County District Attorney, Miriam Rocah, decided not to press criminal charges against him. She announced her decision on December 28, when she stated his alleged actions didn’t meet the statutory requirements necessary for charges in New York. However, it doesn’t mean the disgraced politician won’t face civil charges in the future.

Although Rocah decided not to bring criminal charges against Cuomo in this case, she stated there was enough evidence to prove most of the allegations. However, the district attorney in Albany said the accusation from a woman in 2020 who accused him of grabbing her breast was “potentially defective.”

Acting Nassau County District Attorney Joyce Smith stated the events her investigation uncovered were “deeply troubling.” A 168-page report released in August included accounts from 11 different women, employees and non-employees, who accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. Apparently, he made a habit of greeting women with unwelcomed kisses and hugs without asking for permission. Some were left asking themselves how to say no, politely.

The former governor rebuked the allegations but didn’t immediately respond to Rocah’s decision to drop the investigation.

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