Andrew Cuomo’s Case Suddenly Dropped Without Warning

( – In December 2020, the first of many women came forward to accuse then-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) of sexual harassment. Within nine months, the Democrat was facing possible criminal charges and decided to step down from his executive position in New York. Now, more than a year later, all of those potential criminal cases have gone away.

On Monday, January 31, Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes announced he would not be pursuing charges against Cuomo. The decision was the fifth time a New York DA had made the decision to drop a case against the disgraced ex-governor. Oakes’ case was also the last outstanding investigation against him.

The district attorney was looking into the allegations made by Virginia Limmiatis. According to Attorney General Letitia James’ report, the alleged victim said she was in a rope line to meet the governor when Cuomo told her he was going to say there was a spider on her shoulder when there wasn’t. Then he brushed his hands on her breast, shoulder, and collarbones. She allegedly repeated what happened to her right away at the event and to her boss later.

Oakes said he believes Limmiatis but can’t find “sufficient legal basis” to bring charges against Cuomo. He explained his determination was based “solely upon an assessment of the law.”

How do you feel about Cuomo being off the hook?

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