Another Democrat Arrested for Storming US Capitol

Another Democrat Arrested for Storming US Capitol

( – For more than a week, Conservatives have been saying the unrest at the Capitol looked eerily similar to the riots over the summer. Antifa repeatedly targeted government buildings during those events. It made no sense that President Donald Trump’s supporters would suddenly act out violently when all of their protests had been peaceful up until that day. Now, a new arrest is giving credit to those theories.

On January 16, the FBI arrested Aaron Mostofsky in Brooklyn, NY. The 34-year-old was allegedly captured on video at the Capitol Building dressed as a caveman. Authorities believe he also stole items while he was reportedly inside of the building. Mostofsky is a registered Democrat and his father is a state court judge in Brooklyn.

How many more Democrats were on the ground on January 6 pretending to be supporters of the president? Were they the ones who broke the windows out and attacked police officers? Nobody can say yet for certain but the FBI is continuing to investigate.

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