Another Explosion Rocks a Devastated Afghanistan

Another Explosion Rocks a Devastated Afghanistan

( – Terrorist attacks are on the rise in Afghanistan months after the US pulled its troops out of the country. The most recent attack was on a place of worship.

On Friday, November 12, a bomb exploded in a mosque during prayers in the Spin Ghar area of the Nangarhar province. At least 3 people died and 15 people suffered injuries. According to witnesses, the explosion went off near where the mosque’s Imam was leading the prayer. Nangarhar Province spokesman Qari Hanif told the Associated Press it seems the bomb was planted inside of the building.

The mosque attack was the third bombing in Afghanistan in five weeks. The attacks have been attributed to ISIS-K, an offshoot of the Islamic State. The attacks have killed dozens of people and completely devastated one family.

Masooma Rajabi spoke to the New York Times and expressed unfathomable grief. Her family lost three generations of men in two separate bombings. First, her husband died when suicide bombers attacked a mosque in the northern part of the country. Then her son and father-in-law were killed in another mosque attack in Kandahar. Dozens of other families are mourning their losses, as well.

While the attacks continue to devastate the country, the Taliban refuses to accept help from the US to defeat ISIS-K. That refusal will undoubtedly lead to more loss and more grief.

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