Another High School Football Game Becomes The Scene Of A Deadly Shooting

Football High School Night Game

Police are investigating a Friday shooting outside a Sacramento football game as a homicide.

According to a department spokesperson at the scene early Saturday morning, a man in his mid-20s died from the injuries he sustained in the shooting.

The Sacramento Police Department’s Zach Eaton said the violence in the city is unacceptable.

No new information was available and no arrests had been made as of Saturday evening, Eaton said.

When the shooting occurred, a KCRA 3 photojournalist was covering the game between Grant High School and Monterey Trail High School. They reported seeing one car with bullet holes and an empty magazine in the parking lot.

During a disturbance in the parking lot around 10 p.m., there were as many as 20 people involved. Eaton said the shooting happened during that disturbance while the football game was in progress.

In addition, Eaton confirmed that a firearm was located on the scene, that a car had been damaged by gunfire, and that someone transported the victim to the hospital.

No one involved in the game appeared to know that there had been a shooting, so there was no interruption to the game.

A statement was released on Saturday by Twin Rivers Unified School District.

“It is essential to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, staff, families and community members. We wholeheartedly believe that the most important thing that all of us can do right now is to build a stronger sense of community in order to provide a safe environment for all. This is something we must work harder on, together. We encourage students, families and members of the community to report if they have suspicions that something might be wrong in their surroundings. If you see something, you must say something. If you hear something, you must say something. If something feels off, say something. It’s critically important to speak up so law enforcement can get ahead of any potential threats.”

Police have not released information about suspects as of early Saturday morning. It is not believed anyone else was injured in the incident.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the case to get in touch.

“Our goal is to get some of those people to speak with us,” Eaton said.

The Sacramento Police Department will investigate the homicide.

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