Another Hunter Biden Laptop Stolen

Another Hunter Biden Laptop Stolen

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, seems to be the very definition of a troubled child. The problem is, he’s a 51-year-old man. Yet, he’s been in the news more times than we can count over the last several years.

The younger Biden went through a phase where he was a serious drug and alcohol user. He wrote an entire book about the impact addiction had on his life. He’s also allegedly involved himself in some shady business dealings with the Chinese and Ukrainians, possibly involved his father in those deals, and he lost a lot of laptops.

Shocking Report

On August 11, the Daily Mail published a bombshell report. The newspaper alleged it had a video of Hunter with a prostitute.

According to the report, Hunter filmed himself with the lady of the evening while they were intimate. Afterward, he didn’t stop the camera from filming and he was heard discussing an incident in Las Vegas in 2018. The president’s son claimed he was robbed by Russian drug dealers while on a bender.

In the video, Hunter allegedly says the computer contained videos of him having sex with prostitutes and partying. He sounded worried that the mysterious drug dealers might blackmail him.

Other Missing Laptops

If the video is really Hunter and what he said was true, that would make the laptop just one of three computers that he’s allegedly lost. Federal agents have taken one of his computers. Then there was one found during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The laptop found during the campaign allegedly contained photos of Hunter engaged in drug use and having relations with prostitutes. There were also damaging text messages about his father and his own business dealings. One text exchange seemed to show the younger Biden was using his father’s credit card to pay for a wild weekend with a call girl. When reports of that laptop made the news, social media limited the reach of the articles related to it, which led to calls for reforms to deal with censorship issues.

The missing laptops raise questions about what information they may have on their hard drives. Did Hunter have critical material about his father, President Joe Biden on his computer?

There are also concerns that, if this is true, blackmailers could use that material to try to influence not just Hunter, but his father, the president as well. Over the years, questions have been raised about just how far Joe Biden would go to protect his problem child. Now he is in the most powerful position in the world. What might he do?

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