Another Russian Military Official Dies in Ukraine War

Another Russian Leader Dies in Ukraine War

( – Russia has taken heavy losses during its invasion of Ukraine. Among those lost are at least two dozen high-ranking military members, including one who died the week leading up to Easter.

On April 13, Commander Mikhail Nagamov, who led a sapper regiment, died while fighting in Ukraine. The 41-year-old’s cause of death wasn’t released. He leaves behind a wife and young child in Russia.

According to the Daily Mail, almost 21,000 Russian military members died during the war in less than two months. It’s hard to imagine what will happen when the fighting drags on. The country also lost the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet when Ukraine fired at it from shore. It was especially embarrassing for the Russians because the Ukrainian military doesn’t have a naval fleet.

A few days after Nagamov’s death, Business Insider reported numerous Russian generals and commanders died in the fight. These are people who were promoted up the ranks presumably because they were elite military officers. But in the blink of an eye, two dozen of them are dead. That’s a crippling blow to any country’s armed forces.

As the fighting continues, diplomatic talks have not worked to ease the violence.

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