Anti-Trump GOP Leaders Finally Looking Into Voter Fraud

Anti-Trump GOP Leaders Finally Looking Into Voter Fraud

( – The 2020 election was arguably one of the most controversial in American history. Millions of people did not trust the outcome of the election. Many conservatives are calling for reforms, and now, the Republican party may be trying to make that happen.

On Wednesday, February 17, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced the GOP is forming a new election integrity committee. It’ll focus on restoring the American people’s confidence in the voting process. McDaniel told Fox News the committee intends to work closely with state and local officials to implement sound, safe policies.

Democrats might control the House and Senate at the federal level, but there are many GOP-controlled state legislatures. The hope is that those lawmakers will implement policies at a state level to help the entire country trust the process again. Without the belief that the process is fair, our Republic will erode. So any step lawmakers take to secure election integrity is a good one.

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