AOC Falsely Claims Trump Supporters Planted Bombs at RNC and DNC

( – On January 6, when the incident on Capitol Hill took place, the police found pipe bombs at the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee. Authorities rendered the devices harmless and sent them to the FBI crime lab. Agents have not identified the person responsible for the pipe bombs, but that hasn’t stopped Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) from placing blame on a specific group.

On February 3, AOC made a wild claim on Twitter. She accused former President Donald Trump’s supporters of planting the bombs in DC — without a single shred of proof to support the claim. Conservative Candace Owens called the congresswoman out for her irresponsible and dangerous remarks.

The congresswoman has not apologized or provided any evidence to back up what she said. She’s just going to allow her followers to think the FBI named Trump supporters as the suspects in that case, inviting possible retaliation as Owens said. Of course, Twitter has allowed the allegations by AOC to remain on the platform without so much as a warning that the tweet contains questionable information. It’s almost like the social media site doesn’t care what Democrats say on the platform. Shocking.

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