AOC Makes Insane Statement About Racial Injustice

AOC Makes Insane Statement About Racial Injustice

( – Republicans often criticize Democrats for making every issue a racial issue. Not because the Right doesn’t care about racial injustices, but because they believe that the Left’s approach is divisive and makes it harder for the country to come together. Unfortunately, they’ve not been able to stop Progressives from doing that until recently, when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) did it again.

The Green New Deal

On April 20, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and AOC reintroduced the Green New Deal resolution. During AOC’s speech when she announced the reintroduction, she made the absurd comment that the country needs to “recognize in legislation” that racial injustice is the “cause of climate change.” She claimed climate issues are “born out of injustice” saying it’s the result of businesses pursuing profits at the expense of the environment and humans.

The congresswoman went on to say that the US is allowing people to deny others health care, housing, education and human rights. And, somehow, all of those unproven allegations have something to do with climate change.

Republicans Respond

During a Fox News interview, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was asked if he believes her statement. The senator said that he doesn’t follow AOC’s “logic” but he’s more worried about the Biden administration denying Americans the “right to earn a living.”

Daily Caller writer Logan Hall called AOC’s “woke word salad” impressive. National Republican Congressional Committee Deputy Director of Communications Mike Berg had one question, “Wut?”

AOC’s comment is a perfect example of a Leftist politician turning every issue into a debate on race. Climate change doesn’t have anything to do with racism, health care, or anything else she managed to blame. If the Left wants to convince the American people that they should care about something, maybe having an honest conversation would work better than blaming racism for everything under the sun.

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