Are Antifa Arrests Coming?

Are Antifa Arrests Coming?

( – Over the past week, rioters have wreaked havoc in cities across the country. For the most part, the riots have stayed in downtown areas and the surrounding city streets. Now, some believe law enforcement is closing in on Antifa, and arrests are coming.

According to Fox News, intelligence sources say local and federal law enforcement are investigating the far-Left group Antifa’s upper ranks. They’ve allegedly been building cases for some time and indictments are imminent. The news comes as many worry the violence in the cities is going to move to suburban areas.

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd is encouraging residents to shoot rioters if they break into their homes.

Something has to be done before this gets worse. If these criminals take their madness to peaceful neighborhoods, Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights are going to defend themselves. It’d be better for everyone if the leaders of the groups starting these riots went to jail sooner, rather than later.

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