Arizona to Audit Over 2 Million Election Results

Arizona to Audit Over 2 Million Election Results

( – Arizona’s election results were among the most disputed in the country following the 2020 presidential race. President Joe Biden flipped the state from red to blue for the first time in decades. Now, more than five months after the election, the state’s most populous county is going to undergo a recount.

On March 31, the Arizona Senate announced all of Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots would be counted again. Lawmakers want to make sure Biden was truly the winner of the race and that the equipment didn’t fail. Republicans have hired four firms to conduct the audit.

According to a state Senate press release, the audit will include a manual recount, scanning the ballots, a voter registration audit, and other steps to ensure the count was accurate.

If nothing else, an audit will allow voters to know whether their election was free and fair.

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