‘Arm The Teachers’ It Will Make Schools A Less Likely Target – Says Ohio Legislature

Teachers Learn To Shoot Guns

Ohio Makes It Easier for Teachers to Carry Guns at School – The New York Times

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is poised to sign a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in school after 24 hours of training. Some critics say the bill won’t make schools safer.

The new legislation is similar to a policy adopted by a school district in Ohio in 2018. Parents sued, but the law is now becoming state law.

The bill’s backers include state Sen. Frank Hoagland, who founded a company that advises schools on security and crisis preparation.

The Ohio Federation of Teachers and Ohio Education Association urged DeWine to veto House Bill 99, saying it would make students less safe in their schools by putting more guns in the hands of people who aren’t adequately trained.

The governor said some schools might have security officers or other plans to deter or counter an active shooter scenario, but some schools may not be able to do that.

In 2020, a report concluded that there were no qualifying studies on whether arming staff in K – 12 schools causes or prevents a range of negative outcomes. So Ohio could become the litmus test.

Three states allow anyone with a concealed-carry permit to bring a gun onto school grounds, and 18 states allow anyone to carry a gun on campus in some cases.

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