Arrested NYC Architect Faces New Murder Charge in Long Island Serial Killer Case – What We Know So Far!

New York City, USA – An architect from Massapequa Park, Rex Heuermann, is set to face a new murder charge related to the decade-old bodies found on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. Sources familiar with the investigation revealed that Heuermann will be arraigned later this week, with the Suffolk district attorney’s office confirming the court date without specifying the exact charge or the victim it pertains to.

Heuermann, 60 years old, was initially arrested in July 2023 in connection with the deaths of four women whose remains were discovered in burlap sacks along Ocean Parkway over ten years ago. The bodies of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Amber Lynn Costello, Melissa Barthelemy, and Megan Waterman were among those found during the search for missing escort Shannan Gilbert, whose case remains inconclusive and unlinked to the others.

During the search for Gilbert, law enforcement uncovered at least six additional sets of remains, some of which have not been positively identified. Among these remains, at least two were believed to be escorts that matched the victim profile associated with the case. Heuermann has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges brought against him, with news of the new murder charge surfacing following recent searches at his residence and a wooded area in Manorville connected to the Gilgo investigation.

The ongoing investigation has also revealed links between remains discovered in Manorville years ago and body parts found along Ocean Parkway since the case’s inception. No arrests have been made in those specific instances. When questioned about the upcoming court date and its relation to the recent searches, officials mentioned that Heuermann’s arraignment is a result of those investigative steps and others taken in the pursuit of justice.

The details surrounding the new murder charge against Heuermann remain undisclosed, leaving the public and investigators anticipating further developments in the unresolved case of the Gilgo Beach bodies. The intricate web of evidence, searches, and testimonies continues to paint a complex picture of the events that transpired over a decade ago, shedding light on the elusive truth behind the disturbing discoveries along the Long Island shore.