At least Two Killed In Active Shooter Situation At Bend Oregon Grocery Store

At least two people are dead after a shooting at the east Bend Safeway, according to police. The shooter was using an AR-15-style rifle and had additional weapons as well.

A shooter entered the grocery store through the westernmost door and shot people through every aisle.

A witness. Molly Taroli threw her shopping cart in front of a child who was screaming to act as a shield and started running toward the back of the store at the urging of a store employee.

Taroli was armed and pulled her gun out in case she crossed paths with the shooter. He husband ran out of the front of the store to get his gun.

A person walked into the Safeway and opened fire with a gun, firing multiple shots. A dozen Safeway workers huddled outside a nearby business, clearly shaken.

Bend Police indicated the shooter had been killed:

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