Attacker stomps on elderly woman’s face in violent assault

A 71-year-old woman in Oklahoma was brutally attacked by a suspect on Thursday evening. The woman’s attacker allegedly stomped on her face after she reportedly said something he did not like. The incident occurred near 21st and Sheridan streets in Tulsa. The victim suffered severe injuries to several parts of her body, including her face, head, and body. The injuries that she endured left her unable to speak.

Witnesses at the scene reported seeing the suspect kicking, punching, and stomping on the elderly woman. Police swiftly apprehended the suspect a few blocks away from the scene. Donovan Anderson was charged with aggravated assault and battery on an elderly person in connection with the violent attack.

Tulsa police officers responded to the reports of the assault and found the victim being cared for by multiple witnesses. The woman had visible shoe tread prints on her face, which matched up with witness reports of the woman being stomped on by the suspect. Despite her injuries, she is expected to survive. The suspect, when questioned by the police, admitted to the assault and claimed that the woman had said something offensive to him.

The Tulsa Police Department is carrying out an active investigation into the incident. Authorities are seeking to gather more information about the motive behind the attack. Police believe that the victim had just gotten off of a bus and was walking home when she was assaulted. However, the police have not released any additional details at this time.

Despite the severity of her injuries, the victim is expected to survive.