Attorneys Weigh in On Gabby Petito Autopsy Report

Attorneys Weigh in On Gabby Petito Autopsy Report

( – The Gabby Petito case has captivated the nation. Police found the 22-year-old’s body in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park a week after her parents reported her missing. The coroner recently revealed how she died and now experts are weighing in on what it might mean for her killer.

On October 12, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue announced Petito died by manual strangulation. Mark Eiglarsh, a former Miami-Dade County prosecutor, told Fox News that an argument could be made that the murder was premeditated. He explained there’s a “strong argument that if premeditation didn’t exist prior to the physical contact,” it was developed during the act.

Eiglarsh’s opinion is based on the fact that it takes a “minimal time” to squeeze a person’s neck until they die. During that time, the perpetrator makes a conscious decision to continue squeezing. According to experts, it can take as long as five minutes to kill someone by manual strangulation.

Police have not named any suspects in the case. However, they have said Petito’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, is a person of interest. He’s currently missing after returning home with her van. The FBI obtained a warrant for his arrest for allegedly using her credit card after she died.

If you have any information about Petito’s murder or Laundrie’s whereabouts, contact federal law enforcement by dialing 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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