Avocado Shipments Halted By US Over Security Concerns

Avocado Shipments Halted By US Over Security Concerns

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Americans love their avocados. In 2020, the US consumed more than 6 billion of the versatile fruit (yes, it’s a fruit). It’s spread on toast, put into puddings, made into delicious guacamole and used in many other ways.

Unfortunately, when Americans buy avocados in the winter months, the vast majority (about 99%) comes from Mexico and inadvertently funds the bloody cartel war south of the border. Recently, President Joe Biden’s administration halted shipments of the fruit from one of the regions that provide a huge chunk of the imports coming into the US.

A Troubling Threat

According to reports, the US Agriculture Department suspended imports from Michoacán, Mexico. The suspension came after a safety inspector at an American plant received a threatening phone call. The details of the threat weren’t revealed immediately.

The US Embassy in Mexico confirmed America had suspended the imports of avocados. In a Twitter statement, embassy officials said the safety of the “inspection teams go hand in hand.” It went on to say the US would lift the ban when security concerns in Michoacán are resolved. The Department of Agriculture said the ban is going to stay in place as long as it takes.

The avocado ban means American restaurants like Chipotle are going to have a hard time finding one of their most popular ingredients. Michoacán is the only Mexican state approved to export the fruit to the US, and it may be banned for some time. In December, the state of Jalisco was approved, but those exports won’t start making their way into America until May or June.

How Avocados Fuel the Cartel War

In 2019, the Los Angeles Times published an extensive report revealing the dark underworld of the Michoacán avocado business. Drug cartels have gone into the Mexican state and cleared protected land in order to plant avocado orchards. The multi-billion-dollar industry is called “green gold” across the border because of how high the demand is for the fruit.

More than a dozen criminal organizations are trying to take control of the land where the avocados are growing. Jose Maria Ayala Montero told the Times growers are being threatened all the time.

Organized crime in the country is changing. It’s no longer just about drugs, but also oil, gold mines, avocados and other fruits. Like the drug war, the avocado wars have led to death and destruction. But the US isn’t going to allow its officials to be at risk – even if it means putting a stranglehold on an entire industry.

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