Azar Destroys Media Narrative

Azar Destroys Media Narrative

( – On August 23, the FDA approved an emergency authorization for the use of convalescent plasma to treat some COVID-19 patients. The approval came after President Donald Trump made comments about the agency possibly slow-walking therapeutics in an attempt to hurt him politically. This led the media to start a false narrative that FDA Commissioner Alex Azar is flatly rejecting.

During an August 26 interview on the podcast “Fox News Rundown,” Azar denied reports of Trump pressuring him to approve treatments for the virus before the November election. The commissioner explained the president is getting “rid of any unnecessary bureaucratic red tape” blocking doctors’ ability to “save lives.” Azar said the FDA is starting to prepare “rollout materials” to begin using the plasma treatment.

The accusations about Trump came after his tweet on Sunday referencing the “deep state.”

The media, of course, saw it as an opportunity to attack the president even after the FDA approved the therapeutic plasma treatment. Now that Azar has disputed the claims, it’s only a matter of time until the press finds another issue on which to attack Trump. Like taxes and death, it’s the one thing Americans can count on.

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