Baby Abandoned In Shed Without A Diaper By Dad Who Made Getaway In Stolen Truck

Texas ‘hero’ couple rescues baby abandoned in shed wearing ‘little dress and no diaper’ – USA TODAY

Katherine McClain, 52, and her husband John , 54, woke up early Saturday to the sound of a truck driving away from their home, and later learned someone had stolen their neighbor’s truck. Their dog Archie led them to an unbelievable discovery.

John and Katharine McClain found a baby girl inside their shed after their dog started sniffing and barking around it. The baby was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital with a broken leg, but is expected to recover.

A man was found in the McClains’ security camera footage holding their child and walking into their shed. He then tried breaking into their cars and stole a neighbor’s truck.

Authorities arrested Guynes and charged him with injury to a child and abandoning/endangering a child. He was booked into the Polk County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Katharine said she would take the baby if the police gave her to her, and she would never have any worries again.

The Livingston Police Department could not immediately be reached for comment, but the child’s father was later found driving a stolen truck that was abandoned near railroad tracks behind the McClain property.

In response to publicized stories of abandoned infants, Texas legalized relinquishing an unwanted infant in 1999. Since then, every state has enacted similar measures known as “safe haven” provisions.

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