Baltimore mall shooting kills one high school student, injures four

A shooting at a shopping mall across the street from a high school in southwest Baltimore left one student dead and four others with non-life-threatening injuries.

The school officials confirmed that those five male students are from Edmondson Westside High School.

The student who died in the hospital was a 16-year-old and has not been identified. The other four students were one 16-year-old, two 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds.

Commissioner Michael S. Harrison said that the Baltimore Police Department received reports of a gunshot at around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Law enforcement found five teenagers in the Edmondson Village Shopping Center parking lot with gunshot wounds varying in severity.

The police are investigating the claim that two gunmen opened fire on a crowd outside Ritas and Popeyes restaurant at the mall and fled the scene.

According to investigators, the five students left the school during the shooting to spend their lunch break at the mall, which has become a criminal epicenter in recent years.

Harrison confirmed that police had asked businesses to refrain from serving students during the school day.

Shooters’ motive and identity still unknown

As of now, investigators do not have any physical descriptions of the shooters. The motive for the shooting is also unknown.

The Commissioner mentioned that the officers are looking for both videos and testimonies. They are looking for anything that can help them figure out what happened, why it happened and who did it.

Harrison called the shooting a “very tragic incident” and spoke out against the “culture of violence” that led to the tragedy.

Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott made a similar statement, condemning how easily guns were getting into the city, neighborhoods and young people’s hands.

“Another young life in our city is lost over nothing,” the mayor said.

In the hours following the incident, police locked down the school to conduct the investigation. The administration at Edmondson Westside High School decided to cancel classes scheduled for Thursday.

However, school administrators said teachers must still arrive by 9 a.m. the next day.